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Poker Tips

Some useful tips for online Texas Hold'em


- Don't sit at a table with more than 10% of your bankroll;


- Always wait for the big blind. Don't post it when you sit at a table. This way you'll have the chance to see some hands and save some chips;


- Don't play at stakes that are too high for your bankroll, but don't waste your time at micro stakes either;


- Don't play rubbish cards. Fold'em. Better wait and lose some blinds than losing lots of chips with trash cards;


- Always play your position. Play aggressive from late positions, carefully from the middle and tight if you're in an early position;


- If you're a tight player look for tables with 9-10 people. It will be cheaper to wait for some good cards;


- If you're an aggressive player a 6 people table is large enough. You don't wanna get called only by monster hands. Less players, less chances somebody will hit;


- Don't overestimate your monster hand. Play them aggressive from pre-flop, to eliminate as much opponents as you can. Don't let them see the flop cheap;


- If you don't hit the flop and an opponent bets, consider folding instead of bluffing;


- If you went on tilt, take a break. You will save a lot of cash.


Author: Abscident


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