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Shark Poker is the best poker portal for both sharks and fishes. The fact that you are here proves that you are interested in becoming a poker shark. Weather you just like to play poker and don't want to be the fish or you want to be the shark that makes money playing online poker, you're in the right place. Learn from the sharks, get the best bonuses at the most reliable online poker rooms and start winning!


Becoming a poker shark requires time. If you think you can read some poker articles and be a poker shark, you're definitely wrong. Practice is one of the most important aspects in becoming a poker shark. You require hours and hours of play, in order to have the required experience to master all the poker skills. However, time and practice are not the only things you need to be a poker expert.


Learning from different poker strategy guides, poker books or poker articles is essential. It will help you master the poker skills much faster, avoid making a lot of common mistakes and maximize your poker winnings. Learning and practice. This are the key elements to become a poker shark.


How will Shark Poker help you in your quest of becoming a poker shark? Very simple. We have a Poker School section here at Shark Poker, with articles and strategy guides that are very useful for any poker player. This section will be updated on a regular basis, so don't forget to check back from time to time. This will help you in the learning phase. We also want to help you in the practice stage. This is why we have a recommended list of online poker rooms in the Poker Rooms section. All the poker rooms listed here are reliable and have a large player base, so you can find opponents at any stakes. First deposit bonuses are very important when deciding to join a poker room, since they can give a real boost to your bankroll. The poker room rankings can also be found in the right side of the page, and include European and US poker rooms, for quicker access.


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