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Online poker vs online casinos in USA

The online gambling industry is expanding very fast, the number of both, gambling sites and players increasing each day. The recent regulations adopted in several countries cut a bit of the momentum, but the industry is still expanding. A good example is United States where the online gambling is considered illegal. Yet, there are still gambling sites available for the casino and poker players.


The number of online poker rooms available for US players is substantially lower than the number of online casinos. The number of poker players is also lower than the number of gamblers that enjoy playing at a casino online. Casino games are far more fun and easier to play while poker is more like a strategy game.


The casino games are developed as games of luck so you do not need special skills to win large amounts of money. On the other side, poker is a game of skill, so you need to be a very good player to win lots of money. That is one strong reason that influences the gamblers to prefer playing at a US online casino rather than playing online poker.


The bonuses probably represent another good reason to play at online casinos. The casino bonuses can reach over $2500 while the poker bonuses are usually under $800. The slots are the most popular casino games and some online casinos have lots of different slots you can choose from. The jackpots from progressive slots are huge and attract many players.


Texas Holdem is the most popular poker game, but US players can also play Stud and Omaha. The number of online poker rooms accepting US players is small and makes things even harder for poker players. Basically all US poker players are concentrated in the same poker rooms, so the competition is tough.


As a final conclusion, is safe to say that for US the online casinos are more attractive than the poker rooms. You have more casinos to choose from, larger bonuses and is far more easier to win large amounts of money than in poker. However, if you are a poker shark it is much easier to win money playing poker, so there will always be people choosing poker over casino. It is up to everyone’s personal preferences.


Author: Mihaela Florea


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