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Pocket Cards

The pocket cards are the two cards that are dealt to each player. Those cards are known only by the player who holds them, and are the cards that make the difference between players' hands. Playing only the good pocket cards is essential in order to increase the chances to win. Aggressive players tend to have a larger list of pocket cards while tight players stick only to the strongest. Pocket cards are very important when deciding what to do on pre-flop, but position is another key factor that should be taken into account. Here we made a list with the most common playable pocket cards.

Monster Hands

AA (pair of aces), KK, AK suited, QQ


There's not much to say about this hands. Raise and re-raise with them. It's very unlikely that someone will hold something better, even if you have QQ or AK suited. These are the best 4 pocket hands.

Top Cards

JJ, AK, AQ suited, TT


Very powerful cards, that must be played aggressively, specially from late positions. Anyway, paying attention to other players' actions is a must. Folding might be an option if two or three players raise.

Strong Cards

AJ suited, KQ suited, AT suited


These are very good cards, that have big chances to improve on the flop. Should be played aggressively from late positions if nobody raised, but can be folded on early positions if there are aggressive players at the table. Seeing the flop for a cheap price is always good with this hands.

Decent Pocket Cards

KJ suited, QJ suited, JT suited, AQ, 99, 88, KT suited, QT suited, AJ, KQ, T9 suited


These are cards that can improve on the flop, but will most likely turn into trash. Don't risk too much money with them. Still, seeing a flop for one or two blinds is ok from late positions. Don't bother to raise with these hands, unless you wanna put fear in your opponents or attack the blinds.

Weak but playable pocket cards (only from late positions)

Pairs from 77 to 22, connected suited cards (e.g.: 65 suited), AT, KT, QJ, QT, A9


Almost trash cards. Anyway, a loose and aggressive player can make good cash with this hands if played properly. Inexperienced players should stay away from this hands. They are pretty unlikely to improve on the flop, but can sometimes turn into nuts.


The cards not mentioned above are not worth playing. Fold'em like trash.


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