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Position in poker

Online games are a good hobby as well as a quick source of making easy money from the comfort of our homes. These online games can be played at the comfort of the users from the comfort of their homes invariable of the time and date. This makes playing online games all the more alluring to our youngsters.


Unlike most other games, where you are positioned is very essential in the game of poker. While certain places of seating are definitely to our advantage, certain positions are quite the contrary. While amateur players think that the win in poker games are primarily attributed to the cards that they get and to their efficient playing, experts and masters of poker know that the positioning in a poker game is very significant in deciding the winning or losing of players.


The most ideal position to be in, in a game of poker is the dealer’s position. The person in this position gets the option of playing his cards last and hence he will know the status of the game and what cards the other people have. Another advantage in this position is that if in case in a game of poker there are no bets that have been called for, then the players in the dealer position can walk away with the pot money by simply betting a small amount. This is the most convenient position to be in as all the players in the game would have played their cards before the players in this position and this will help these players to take a decision on how they want to play – either call or bet or raise or fold. This is definitely an advantage and by far the most coveted position in poker play.


Having spoken about the most ideal position, let us now look at the least convenient position to win a poker game – the early position. This will be the three immediate seats on the left of the dealer and these are the players who will be playing down their cards the first. Since they don’t know what is awaiting them in the hands of the other players, this is a very disadvantageous position to be in.


The middle position is the one between the mentioned two positions and while the players here are in a better situation than the others in the early position, this is only a medium placed position, as there still are quite a few players who have not played down their cards. The game could turn either ways mid way. So, while this is not as comfortable or a nice to have like the dealer’s position, it is definitely better than the early position.


Author: Keijo Abijuan


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