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Bluffing in poker

Poker games have gained undue popularity these days and there is many a youngster who is going all out to study all available material on how to win these poker games to make more money from the comfort of his home. While these books and advice from experts might really help in improvising the game of these youngsters, like they say practice makes perfect, there is no better thing than playing the game itself as many number of times as possible to gain expertise in this game.


Players of poker need to understand different concepts of poker – like the positioning factor, the times when the cards need to be called or folded or raised. They need to know what the ideal situation is for a bet and when a bet can be called a bluff. For example if a player has the ideal position of staying close to the dealer position, then there is a good chance of him winning if he bets, however if there is another player who declares a bet, then the player should be confident enough to call the bet a bluff. Why we say confident enough is because the act of calling a bet a bluff may at times succeed and sometimes it may not. The player calling the bluff should be bold enough to accept anything that happens in the course of the game.


Again, coming back to our talk of positioning and bluffing, if you are in a situation close to the dealer’s position then you have the privilege of seeing how the game is unfolding and then take a call on whether you need to bluff a bet or not. You have a purview of what cards the opponents are playing down with and you also have access to the information of the cards that you are holding down and then it is ideal that decisions are taken considering all these factors. Only if a through plan is charmingly conceived by the player will he succeed in achieving the biggest bet money and thereby winning the poker game.


Confidence is also a big factor in the bluffing process. While players call buff, they cannot be over confident or arrogant waiting to go down the other players given an opportunity as this could send wrong signals to the other players. On the contrary, when calling bluff, if the players are meek and ambiguous this could lead to a scenario where the other players think they are a little dicey and would very rightly ignore the call of the player. So, what is required is confidence and the approach of the player that is very upfront. The ploy of bluffing may or may not work, but the player needs to be bold enough to face what comes his way in the game of poker.


Author: Keijo Abijuan


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