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The poker addiction test

Poker, especially online poker along with online casinos, recently has taken over the world of gambling. These games, that once were illegal and were played in hidden alleys and dangerous places, now become worldwide sensations.


This increase of popularity also has a downside; people can get very addictive when it comes to gambling. This happens because of the adrenalin rush and all of the excitement that gambling gives to the player.


Today, many poker players and gamblers have the gambling addiction and don’t even know about their disease. How can you see if you’re a poker addict? Read these facts, and give yourself a point for each one.


1.You go everywhere with a deck of cards, mostly specific poker cards.

2.You tend to see time or events that come one after another as turns, rivers.

3.After a big loss at a poker game, you go watch some poker and after that call your friends for a poker session.

4.Once, you sold your little sisters favorite doll to get a buy – in to a poker tournament

5.When someone asks you what the greatest book is, you answer Doyle Brunson’s Super System.

6.You have a suitcase with chips and poker cards.

7.You’re favorite sports are: counting chips, shuffling cards, building chip castles.

8.When you hear the name Anna Kournikova, you instantly see the A.K. initials

9.Your clothing is full of images which are related to poker.

10.If you get tired of playing poker, you start playing Omaha.

11.When you lose you say it was bad luck, when you win you say it’s skill.

12.You sold one of your kidneys to pay for a WPT buy-in.

13.If you’re going to have a son, he’ll be named Jack.

14.You only leave your house to play live poker with others.

15.Your workout plan is made of card shuffling and chip throwing.


If you scored from 0 to 5, it means you’re not a poker addict.


If your score is between 6 and 10, you should think about your life because you may be headed towards serious poker addiction.


If you scored higher than 10, be afraid, you’re in trouble, you’re dangerously poker addict. You need counseling.


Author: Keijo Abijuan


This article cannot be reproduced without the permission of the author.

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