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Playing the Turn

Basically the turn is played like the flop, or at list the same playing principles apply. However, there are some key differences between the turn and the flop that should be considered when playing on the turn.


- A made hand on the flop can turn into trash on the turn. The most common situation is for your top pair to become trash (e.g. 1). Another two similar situations are when your top pair becomes trash because of an OESD on the board (e.g. 2) or of a flush draw on the board (e.g. 3).

bad turns


- Drawing hands on the turn are weaker than drawing hands on the flop. Considering you had a flush draw on the flop that didn't hit the turn, the chances you'll get a flush have decreased considerably. Same goes for straight draws.


- Hands that didn't improve on the turn are not as strong as they were on the flop. A top pair on the flop that didn't improve (but it's still the top pair) is not as powerful as it was on the flop. This is because there are more combinations of hands beating the top pair. Be aware of straight and flush draws that might occur on the turn. The chances someone is holding two pairs are also higher.


- On limit Hold'em the bet size has doubled. Bets on the turn and the river are double compared to the bets on flop and pre-flop. Bets made on the turn have bigger value. This is the moment to fold if you're having a draw and your opponent is betting.


Author: Abscident


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